A 65 m2 multipurpose space, open to occasional or regular rental, it is equipped with a kitchen and has the necessary equipment for the various possible uses: meetings, courses, events, etc.



  • 2 hours

CHF 60.-

Non-lucrative : CHF 30.-

It can only be done during the opening hours of the MACO (10am-7pm) and with the basic equipment (flipchart, whiteboard) but without specific equipment that are extra (beamer, sound system,...). The cleaning is at the charge of the tenant.

  • for a half day (4h):

CHF 100.-

Non-lucrative : CHF 50.-

It can be done from 08h to 19h. Basic sound equipment is provided. The cleaning is at the expense of the tenant or in addition (50.-).

  • for a day (8h):

CHF 180.-

Non-lucrative : CHF 100.-

It can be done from 08h to 19h. Basic equipment is provided (beamer and sound system). The cleaning is at the expense of the tenant or in addition (50.-).

  • per week (consecutive days):

2 days CHF 300.-

3 days CHF 400.-

4 days CHF 500.-

5 days CHF 600.-

The cleaning is at the expense of the tenant or in addition (50.-).

  • outside the MACO opening hours :

Saturday evening (6-10pm) is counted as a half day : CHF 100.-

Sunday is counted as a day :
CHF 180.-

Monday can be counted as a half day: CHF 100.- or a full day: CHF 180.- depending on use.

Rental is possible but the keys must be taken at the opening of the MACO. They are then put back in a box provided for this purpose. A deposit of 200.00 is required regardless of the length of time the room is occupied.

The rental of the room requires the acceptance of the charter and the rules of use and the presentation of an identity document. Depending on the use, a deposit may be required (or mandatory for any public event of more than 20 people)

  • The regular (weekly) rental of the place is also possible, for example for regular classes. These will be subject to a detailed agreement (25.- for 1 hour of weekly use, for example) including the question of setting up and cleaning.

  • In the same way, the purchase of a pack of non-consecutive hours/half-day/day is also possible :

10h : CHF 250.-

5 half days : CHF 450.-

10 days : CHF 1500.- 




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